Social & Employment

Q: Our company is based in UK and plans to hire a French sales representative. He will be in charge to find customers in France, but also in Belgium and in North Africa. Could you give me more details about your services please regarding employment?

A: SEDI assists both in France and in the UK, foreign companies wishing to expand to France and to the UK ( cross-boarding projects). We are able to help your company regarding this employment in France including drafting of work contracts, issuing monthly payrolls, issuing quaterly returns for social contributions & paying on your behalf, registering to corporate schemes such as pension, life insurance, income protection & health ; I think that the RFE status could be a solution for you. Actually, it enables you to recruit local representatives and begin a local presence on the French market at a slow pace before anticipating the setting up a a branch or subsidiary. We need to check first what will be exactly the responsibilities of your employees in France. You will receive by email our list of services, our corporate presentation and a leaflet about the RFE status.