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Payroll & HR Department

Our core business concerning Payroll & HR is really to assist our client as soon as they have found the right person for their new company in France or in the UK. Punctually we can also assist all along the recruitment for some type of job profiles, but this is not part of our usual services. In most cases, when SEDI is contacted, the new employment has already been confirmed and we have to go through the various procedures linked to new employment straight away : registration to all compulsory bodies URSSAF for France & HMRC for the UK + drafting of the employment contract as per the country where the employee is going to work ( ROME Convention 1980).

  1. We register new French employees to URSSAF by completing a specific form called DUE (Declaration Unique d’Embauche) – we must respect deadlines which are minimum 48 Hours, maximum 15 days in advance before the starting date in the new Job. If deadlines are not respected, companies may have to pay financial penalties. In the UK, we have to provide the Form P45 completed with the new Employer number to the HMRC ( Inland Revenue) or a completed P46 for employees with no former employment in the UK.
  2. LAs soon as the employment is confirmed, we have to get our « New Employee Form » completed in order to be able to start the drafting of the employment contract. The employment contract that we draft are not formatted in advance. We have to check first the Labour Law, the sector of activity of the client in order to find out the relevant Union Trade Agreement. We aim at securing both the employer but as well the employee by explaining to the employer what are the national rules and the basics to respect in terms of recruitment.
    Even if the Labour Law is not written in the UK ( like in France), rules are more and more similar for some issues , such as a written employment contract, and more formalism when putting an end to an employment contract. We consider it as our duty to keep our client informed about any regulatory changes that may impact their employment issues.
  3. To register new employees to compulsory complementary schemes ( only in France) :
    Even if it is compulsory in France to put money aside on a complementary pension scheme, in addition to the state pension, the registration to the pre-determined pension schemes has to be done according to the sector of activity. Even more, if the registration is done late after starting the employment, the pension scheme will have to be done from the starting date and not from the registration date. In the UK, even if the employer has to be able to formally offer the possibility to contribute to its employees – over 5 employees only –, the employer has no obligation to contribute on behalf of his employees. This may change in the future in the United Kingdom.
  4. The registration to NON compulsory schemes :
    We regularly put in place Life insurance, income protection , “Prevoyance” ( compulsory for “Cadres” in France), Health schemes and various other schemes thanks to the help and expertise of our partners Insurance Brokers both in France or in the UK. We help our clients to make their employment contracts attractive to senior consultants or sales developers.

    We subscribe with AXA, Vauban Humanis, AG2R, Malakoff Mederic, Le Gan, BUPA, Scottish Life, Unum….We try to get best quotes respecting budgets of our clients when it is possible.
    We try our best on this issue but it is particularly difficult to put in place such contracts when a company has less than 5 employees in the UK. But Thanks to our partners Lepretre & Partners and AXA Agence Hanoun we found alternatives and insurance contracts suiting these needs even for small entities in a new country.
  5. Putting in place other additional incentives :
    Many employers may wish to give the advantage of a company car to their sales or corporate representatives, or decide to put in place mobile phones for the whole team. We can search for services providers, car rental companies, negociate with SFR, ORANGE…but mainly our role is to explain consequences on a tax level when generating benefit in kinds : monthly calculation to be done in France and insert on the payslip – in the UK, we have to make proper declarations on the P11D on a yearly basis in July.


Each month, we chase up the payroll instructions from all our clients all over the world inorder to be able to issue accurate payroll.
We are particularly concerned to get proper instructions concerning paid leave taken, sickness absences because it may involved consequences on accounts and have major consequences at the end of an employment contract when calculating redundancy / dismissal financial indemnity. As each client has its own deadlines to wire net salaries, we have to initiate the chasing up for wage instructions as soon as from the 10th of each month.
When calculation have been made, we send the payslips to our contact “employer” undera PDF format and we send the paper version to each employee at their home address.
When receiving the payslips, the employer is usually wiring himself the net salary to its own employees, except if he asked us to do (especially US companies) and has wired sufficient funds to us by advance.


Each quarter in France and each month in the UK, we are declaring basic salaries paid and after calculations we pay social contributions on behalf of our foreign clients having no resident bank accounts. In order to be able to do so, we issue funds requests about 1 to 2 weeks before the deadlines ( 15 april, 15 July, 15 Octobre, 15 January For France & every 19th of each month in the UK) and we organize either direct debits after validation of returns or we issue checks or wire transfers.


We assist tour clients during the various steps throughout recruitment but as well to put anend to employment contracts :

  • For example, we inform them about various solutions to put an end to the employment contract : redundancy, dismissal or mutual agreement, amicable breach.
  • The formal drafting of compulsory legal letters : invitation to formal meetings, breach agreement, dismissal or redundancy letters ...
  • To assist during formal meetings
  • Disciplinary procedures implementation
  • When a litigation procedure seems to be necessary, or when a Court procedure may occur, we are working with various Lawyers – who speaks English – who can represent the company in front of the Court and prepare the Court case in advance with our clients in order to secure a smoothly end of the employment contracts when facts have been validated.

Recent requests for key social issues were concerning :

  • Company Handbook & Company policy
  • Lunch vounchers UK & Tickets restaurants France
  • Work accident and insurances in France
  • SSP during sickness in the UK
  • Paternity leave in France
  • Paid leave in France and in the UK

We inform on a regular basis our clients through our information leaflets called “Point de Repère” in France and “Focus on” in the UK. Don’t hesitate to contact us for such key issues.