Married – 2 Children

Consultant & Managing Director of SEDI – shareholder since SEDI was established in 1996

Camille has been post graduated in 1995 from La Rochelle Business School, one of the most prestigious French Business Schools.

Camille has finalized her studies in the UK at Plymouth University, an intensive experience certainly at the origin of her attraction for Anglo-Saxon countries. Her thesis aiming at validating her post-graduated Diploma was focusing on Direct Foreign Corporate Investments in Ireland.

Straight after post-graduation, Camille left France and found her first employment with Kerry Group, a well known international group in the Food Industry , and worked in the “customer service” department liaising on a daily basis with sales, production, buying department, transport & laboratory.

Having the personal project for many years to establish a company in an international environment, Camille established SEDI in 1996, first in Ireland, then in the UK and finally in France, straight after one year of professional experience with Kerry Group, thanks to the support of one of her former senior lecturer, well known as Tax agent.

Hard worker, respecting deadlines, not being reluctant at taking decisions or at spending hours looking for information, being keen to communicate about complicated issues with simple words, Camille’s aim is to help her clients expanding gradually in a foreign surrounding. Active member of the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce in Paris and of other business networks, Camille is regularly invited to be speaker during conferences & professional seminars. SEDI is also organizing regularly conferences to share its expertise.

With an educational & working knowledge of both the French and English system, her company SEDI is able to offer expert advice and guidance on company formations, payroll, financial and administrative back up services.

SEDI’s portfolio of clients is 100% international and has helped to built up a vast experience throughout very different legal, tax and social cases in Ireland, UK and France along these 15 past years.

Outside interests : Travelling abroad, hiking, bio attitude, DIY

Foreign languages : French mother tongue - English fluent , can understand & read Portuguese & German (no regular oral practice )