Shéhérazade CHEZE

Shéhérazade CHEZE
Married – 2 Children

Straight after her studies, Sheherazade has been working during 5 years in an Import-Export company whose Parent company was based in Netherlands. This experience has allowed Shéhérazade to improve a lot her professional english during reports. She experimented lors of exchanges with various categories of clients throughout her task as an accountant : invoicing, VAT returns, Customs returns, Bank transactions, payroll preparation …Thanks to this experience, Shéhérazade can easily communicate with Clients & suppliers and can easily manage various accounting issues involving the whole company.

Then Shéhérazade worked  with a company during 10 years in the printing industry increasing her practice as an accountant and general administration in their front desk. Shehérazade is now very flexible and can manage many different tasks with patience and efficiency.

Sheherazade joined SEDI after having validated her experience with Camille, when Claire left the Paris region and wish to take the most of her new international “adventure” in a new busy environment. We wish her a rich experience.

Outside interests : Sports such as Basket, Football, Family entertainment, Dance, Music