Senior Project Manager


After 2 years of regular business contacts with SEDI, Nelly recently joined the SEDI’s team and is full time based in our London office.

She has a robust expertise in marketing & corporate communications. Her main mission is to improve the quality of our communication and update our communication tools. She will transfer HR, Finance and Account market information regularly to our clients. She also assists our clients to promote their activities : optimizing their positioning through benchmarks, market research and detailed analysis of company’s inputs in their competitive environment; boost their networking through the management of corporate events and manage their strategy & implementation corporate communication (corporate website, new identity, etc.).

She starts her career within Havas Group in Paris in the corporate division. She worked with global corporations to assist them in the implementation and / or optimization of their corporate communication strategy plan. In 2010, Nelly joined NZConsulting as Client Director in London, a sport, culture & entertainment consultancy providing strategic and operational marketing & corporate communication consulting for organisations, major events and corporate sponsors. NZConsulting is a client of SEDI, it’s by this way she acquainted SEDI.

Since 2011, Nelly teaches seminars at the Toulouse Business School for Sport Management MSc in France.

She holds a Management, Strategy and Logistics MSc from Mediterranean University and a Management & Marketing MSc from the Institute of Business Administration.