Chers Clients,

Comme vous le savez sans doute déjà, le Royaume-Uni à l'issue d'un Référendum citoyen a émis sa volonté de ne plus demeurer pays membre de l’Union Européenne ce Vendredi 24 Juin 2016 avec 52% pour le « Out » contre 48% pour le « IN ».

Suite à ce résultat, David Cameron, Premier Ministre a annoncé qu’il quittait Downing Street et qu’un nouveau leader prendrait le relai à partir d’Octobre. Le Royaume-Uni a maintenant deux ans pour organiser sa sortie de l'UE et devra invoquer pour cela l'article 50 du traité de Lisbonne.

Nous comprenons que vous vous posiez des questions concernant l’impact de ce vote sur votre entreprise et nous tenons à vous rassurer que le Royaume-Uni est et demeurera un marché particulièrement dynamique en matière de flux commerciaux. Le Royaume-Uni va organiser durant ces prochaines années sa sortie de L’UE et mettra en œuvre de nouveaux accords avec chaque pays pour continuer ses échanges et ses partenariats avec le reste du monde.

Nous avons rencontré cette semaine LONDON & PARTNERS, organisme officiel à but non lucratif financé par le Maire de Londres et des partenaires commerciaux dont la mission est d'attirer des investissements et des visiteurs afin de créer des emplois et d’accroitre la croissance & la réputation de Londres sur la place internationale ainsi que UK Trade & Investment, organisme gouvernemental qui a pour vocation d’aider les sociétés britanniques à se positionner sur les marchés internationaux et d’assister les sociétés souhaitant s’établir ou s’étendre au Royaume-Uni (Inward & Outward). Les discussions sont en cours afin d’organiser une sortie en douceur du Royaume-Uni.

Nous gérons depuis de nombreuses années autant d'implantations au Royaume Uni en provenant de pays non Européens que d'implantations en provenance de pays Européens. A ce jour, nous ne rencontrons aucune différence dans le traitement journalier tant au niveau du personnel embauché que du traitement comptable. Nous demeurons donc confiant à notre niveau.

Nous souhaitons par ailleurs vous transmettre et partager avec vous l’email envoyé par Gordon Innes, CEO de London & Partners ci-dessous.

N’hésitez pas nous contacter si vous avez de plus amples questions.

Avec nos meilleures salutations,

Founder - Managing Director

Head of Corporate Communication

“From: CEO
Sent: 24 June 2016 11:57
To: Subject: London is Open

As you will have heard from the announcement this morning by the Electoral Commission, the United Kingdom voted in favour of leaving the European Union. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, made a statement earlier this morning which I commend to you and can be viewed here.

I understand that you may be considering how this decision could impact your business and, as the Chief Executive of the Capital’s promotional and economic development company, I wanted to reach out to you and to remind you that my team is here to support you.

The first thing to say is that this vote does not change London's fundamental position as the world’s pre-eminent business city and as one of the most desirable cities in the world in which to live, work and build a global business.

London is the leading centre in Europe for technology and life sciences. We have more universities ranked in the world's top 100 than any other city and attract thousands of international students from all over the world. London is a world-class centre of creativity and innovation and a cultural powerhouse, with 215 museums, 857 art galleries and 245 live music venues.

In short, this vote does not alter London's position as one of the world’s truly global cities, a city which is open, welcoming and cosmopolitan.

So what happens next?

The process and timeline for leaving the European Union, and the terms on which this will be achieved, will now be negotiated. This is a matter for UK Government and Parliament and it will take a number of years.

It is in the interests of the EU member states and institutions for the exit process to be smooth and equitable, and there is no evidence to suggest that this will not be the case.

It is also worth reminding ourselves that the vote was driven by UK citizens’ desire to leave a political union. All of the main UK parties are in favour of a deep, trading relationship with the EU as indeed the Mayor makes clear in his statement.

So, for now and until the facts are clearer, I would counsel against acting in haste and, instead, keep a watching brief on developments. There will be ample time to develop and effect business plans based on proper analysis of the facts as they become clear.

At London & Partners we put our clients first and we pride ourselves on helping you to make better informed decisions more quickly by providing confidential, expert advice based around your best interests. I would, therefore, encourage you to stay in contact with my team as you consider the implications of this decision. As always, we are keen to hear from you and understand your perspective. Next week I will send to you a short survey and would appreciate any feedback that you are able to offer.

I am confident that London will remain a world class centre for international business during, and after, the UK’s exit from the EU. I am also committed to continuing to support your growth in our great city.

Yours sincerely,

Gordon Innes

Gordon Innes
Chief Executive
London & Partners
6th Floor
2 More London Riverside
London SE1 2RR”

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