Source : Companies House

Q1 - Can I register a Place of Business after 1st Octobre 2009 ?

The Overseas Companies Regulations 2009/1801, which were implemented on 1st October 2009, replaced the dual regime of registering branches and places of business with a single regime of registering a UK establishment. After 1st October , you will only be able to register a UK establishment.

Q2 - What about existing places of business and branches ?

All existing branches and places of business registered before 1st October 2009 will be automatically deemed to be UK establishments after 1st October 2009.

Q 3 - Are there any specific changes to existing places of business ?

Before 1st October 2009  places of business used the same registered number as the overseas company – this was prefixed with either FC, SF or NF. After 1st October 2009 all places of business were issued with a BR number, this means that all UK establishments of overseas companies will now have the prefix BR before the registered number. This is in addition to the overseas company number which will remain the same ( prefixed with FC, SF or NF).