Paternity leave

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Since the 1st of January 2002, your employee can benefit from a paternity leave when their child is born.

The paternity leave is agreed without any condition of length with the company or type of contract (permanent or short term contract), as soon as the employee can prove the filiation with the child.

Length of paternity leave :
The length of the paternity is 11 consecutive calendar days when there is one baby, and 18 consecutive calendar days when there are twins or more babies.

The paternity leave is different from the compulsory 3 days given to the dad for the birth of his child (art. L226-1 from French Labour Law) and can be taken separately from these 3 days.
The paternity leave must be taken in the 4 months following the birth.

Formalities :
The employee who wants to benefit from the paternity leave must inform his employer by normal letter, at least one month before the beginning of the leave.

N. B. : the employer can’t refuse the paternity leave under condition to be informed one month before.
The date of paternity leave can be changed only with the agreement of the employer.

The employer just has to send the social security attestation to the employee’s social security centre, with a proof of the filiation (birth certificate, or copy of family book updated), in order the employee can benefit from indemnities.

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